How to use paper trading in tradingview

How to use paper trading in tradingview

By default, your account balance starts at 100,000, which you are able to reset at any time. The chart is equipped with buysell buttons that let you enter orders quickly.

You can set up your tradingview account for paper trading in three easy steps 1) you connect the paper trading account.

Tradingview offers a free data feed for most markets unlike many other platforms. Tradingview supports stocks, forex, and cryptocurrencies but not futures. For futures paper trading, users need to have access to a futures data feed.

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You are now able to simulate order execution with custom fees or commissions that will be deducted from your paper trading account automatically. You can select one of the two commission options fixed percentage of the amount (percentage can be set) fixed amount in us dollars (amount can be set).

  explained completely about tradingview and how to setup tradingview in telugu -----.

You can also use our own paper trading simulator trades are emulated on our servers and no broker account is needed for this. Note if you cant find any of the listed brokers among those displayed in the trading panel for your country, click the. Button in the lower right corner of the panel to see all brokers available on tradingview.

Does anyone do this, and what platform do you use to do it? 6 comments.

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How to use paper trading in tradingview

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