How to travel from munich to prague by train

How to travel from munich to prague by train

How long is the train journey from munich to prague? The munich to prague train travel time is normally about 5 hours and 33 minutes, whatever time you make the journey. What are the munich to prague train times and schedule? On weekdays the earliest direct train to prague is usually scheduled to depart munich around 0443 and the last train is around 1702.

However, there are services departing from muenchen hbf and arriving at praha hlavni nadrazi via plattling and zelezna ruda-alzbetin.

How to travel from munich to prague by train? If youve decided to travel between the cities onboard a comfortable train, first you need to go to the munich hauptbahnhof station, located in the heart of the bavarian capital.

The munich-prague trans are run jointly by czech railways & the länderbahn (www. Info), a privatised railway running bavarian regional trains. Länderbahn express services are branded alex (alx) , originally from their munich-lindau allgäu express.

You can travel from munich to prague on deutsche bahn trains. When you search for times and tickets, we might also show you some other options with multiple connections or operators if theyre available.

Trains from munich to prague leave from munich hauptbahnhof, which can be found in the center of the city, just to the west of the old town. You can easily reach the hauptbahnhof from the airport by using munichs s-bahn (subway system), which takes about 45 minutes.

However, there are services departing from praha hlavni nadrazi and arriving at muenchen hbf via bayerisch eisenstein and plattling. The journey, including transfers, takes approximately 7h 39m.

There are now 7 trains per day munich to prague, all with air-conditioned cars with power sockets at all seats, and (in most cars) free wifi. Far more civilised than a long-distance bus, and its a nice journey through pleasant bohemian scenery too.

You can take a comfortable train journey from prague to munich. There are 6 direct connections between the cities, the journey time is just under 6 hours. Tickets start at 14, buying them last minute should be around 40.

  why would you take a cnl night train from munich to prague? There are 2 direct (no changes) trains that takes only 6 hours and 1 minute.

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How to travel from munich to prague by train

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