How to read bitfinex order book

How to read bitfinex order book

Bidsasks the bid side of the order book is on the left and colored green. The ask side of the order book is on the right and colored red.

The order book is where users can find data price points of bids and asks. This data is useful to traders as it gives them an current market overview. To get the order book via the api, you may either request it via rest or websockets.

A count of 6 would mean that there are 6 orders at that price point.

The order book sorts open orders by price each unique order price gets a row, and the quantity (amount to buy or sell) of every order at that price is combined in its row. By listing open orders by price and indicating their combined quantities, the order book gives traders a look into the supply and demand forces of the market.

According to alistair milne, the cio of altana digital currency fund, there has been an influx of bitcoin bids on bitfinexs order book. His data shows that there is approximately 6,163 btc worth of buy orders from 8,700 to 9,400, while there is 2,807 btc worth of sell orders from 9,400 to.

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How to read bitfinex order book

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How to read bitfinex order book

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