How to mark unread in gmail app

How to mark unread in gmail app

(if you want to stay in your inbox, tap the senders profile image).

Mark as unread on your android phone or tablet, open the gmail app. (if you want to stay in your inbox, tap the senders profile image).

  to mark an email as unread in the gmail apps for ios and for android open or select the message you want to mark unread.

  we can mark read mail as unread or unread mail as read in gmail mobile app. Watch this video to know mark all emails as read gmail or gmail mark as unread i.

  open the email you want to mark as unread or read in gmail tap the mail envelope icon to mark the email as read or unread tapping the mail open envelope icon will mark as read tapping the mail closed envelope icon will mark as unread.

  lets start on the ios app gmail, where a tap on the downward facing triangle on the top right of the window brings up a menu of icons when youre reading a message (or message thread) you can see mark as unread, its the second option on the second line. Useful, but it only marks the entire thread, not an individual message.

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How to mark unread in gmail app

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