How to make a crane in astroneer

How to make a crane in astroneer

  the crane is a large module that can be placed on a vehicle and certain platforms. When paired with a drill head, it can be used to mine resources at a faster rate than the terrain tool and even dig through hard sediment that the terrain tool cannot penetrate.

  in this astroneer guide i look at the drill head and crane. The crane can be constructed on any vehicle for four copper, and the drill head can be attached.

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  crane is for extreme dirt famring, when you want to fill more than a bacpack worth of canisters and you dont want to dig out all the caves near your base to do it. Before scrapshredders, i used to build full 4 large rover trains full of largemedium storages of canisters.

  originally posted by lil puppy you put a drill on the end of the crane, place the crane on a platform or a rover body and you get in the seat and use it like you do with your terrain tool, left mouse button, and move the arm around with the mouse just like the terrain tool.

Winch - allows the rover to tow other vehicles from a longer distance or large objects that normally cannot be tethered to. Drill heads - attached directly to the front of the rover, allow digging tunnels while driving.

To get back up what you could do is mount the drill infront of the rover, get is the seat and turn it on and off with c and v (or equivalent xboxps4 buttons), then you can dig your way through the soil up to the surface while driving.

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How to make a crane in astroneer

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