How much is one key in tf2

How much is one key in tf2

1 key is worth how many refined? Team fortress 2 general discussions. May not be appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work. Your preferences are configured to warn you when images may be sensitive.

The are worth around the 27 refined metal range but that always changes so keep on backpack. To conclude this was my first guide so hopefully it didnt make it complete.

  the price for a key doesnt move around that much on marketplace. Also its one of the biggest shops if youre looking to buy other tf2 items then keys for money. You can also use the code uncle at checkout to get 1 key for free when buying 11 keys.

First of all i would say, that theres almost no sellers on bp.

  the keys being sold here varies in price a lot, i found keys at the 1. The site doesnt have that big of inventory when it comes to tf2 items but it lure people in with their low sales fees quite often (sales fee of 5 compare to 10 on marketplace.).

The eerie key was a single-use tool item that was released during the october 26, 2012 patch. Like regular keys, they could have been purchased in the mann co. Eerie keys turned into regular keys after november 8th, 2012.

Pricing, trading and statistics for team fortress 2 - backpack.

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How much is one key in tf2

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How much is one key in tf2

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