How do you wonder trade in pokemon ultra sun

How do you wonder trade in pokemon ultra sun

  pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon how to wonder trade! This video will show you how to wonder trade on your pokemon ultra sun and pokemon ultra moon games!

  to access wonder trade, just follow these instructions hit x. Select festival plaza (if youve never been to the festival plaza, youll have to sit through a somewhat lengthy tutorial) on the bottom screen, select trade.

  how to wonder trade again, follow steps 1-3 for trading, above - this time selecting wonder trade.

This is rather simple to accomplish anywhere in the alola region! Both you and your trading partner must press x to open the menu and tap the quick link option.

  in order to wonder trade in pokemon sun and moon, you need to first access the festival plaza and do the first couple of quests for sophocles until you have access to the.

  pokemon sun and moon how to wonder trade! Here is a tutorial on how you can wonder trade in pokemon sun and moon! It also shows you how to access the gts in.

Tvauslove clickyes, i found all these shinys in the same live stream.

  there are two distinct ways to trade with random people in pokémon sun and moon.

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How do you wonder trade in pokemon ultra sun

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