Honeywell stellantrieb mt4 230 no

Honeywell stellantrieb mt4 230 no

Home residential comfortcombustion radiant heating controls hometronics hometronics accessories mt4-230-no.

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Honeywell evohome mt4-230-no wireless thermoelectric actuator, normally open. Honeywell evohome plugin from 5 to 8 zone for fußbodenregler hcc80 hcs80. Hier habe ich im flur ein raumtherostat als hauptsteuerung unserer heizungsversorgung - diese wird über diesen stellantrieb entsprechend realisiert.

Honeywell evohome thermal actuator, passive (nc) mt4-230-nc data sheet. Thermoelektrischer stellantriebpetit actionneur linéaire thermoélectrique.

View and download the manual of honeywell mt4-230 temperature regulation (page 1 of 2) (german, english).

Mt4 small linear thermoelectric actuator the mt4 thermoelectric actuator allows precise and reliable valve operation for room and zone applications. Its smart set of built-in features offers you many benefits to speed up your installation and assure long-term operation.

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Type honeywell mt4-230s-no 230v actuator normally open new actuator for onoff control (2-pos. Can be used for radiator valves of the series v300, v2000, v2464, v2474 and in conjunction with the adapter va2500a001 also for the balancing valves v5010, v5032. -230 v, no and auxiliary switch protection class ip44 supply voltage 230 vac control 2-pos power.).

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Honeywell stellantrieb mt4 230 no

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