Holy grail indicator v1 6

Holy grail indicator v1 6

6 is a mt4 (metatrader 4) indicator and it can be used with any forex trading systems strategies for additional confirmation of trading entries or exits.

  and post here if you found better settings of the indicator than the default, or if you found better entry exit points! You can combine it with other indicators also but this is the naked system! Holy grail system v1.

  holy grail system is an amazingly simple forex trading strategy which can be used by any level of trader. This system does not look messy on your charts since this indicator uses only one indicator. Trading decisions can be made very easily using this system because it does not create confusing signals and it does not have many indicators.

So instead of looking for a forex holy grail trading system or a forex holy grail trading indicator that you think can pump out buy and sell signals with 100 trading accuracy, you got to accept the fact that only have the key to making money in the forex market.

  sure fire holy grail! Fast forex trading, easies to use, make profits with high accuracy indicator sure fire. Change your forex life, save your time, achieve trading confidence use one indicator sure fire forex holy grail. Professional trading indicator based on price tick bypass with market price high low network tracker to make top bottom signal using secret strategy.

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How sure you claim this indicator holy grail even the author has informed that the signal only for guidelinealert (changing of trend) not necessary for entry confirmation. Maybe some arrow giving false signal especially in smaller time frames.

  to use the ea, first download the indicators from the link above. The ea has the following parameters fixedstoploss - set stop loss on each new trade. The ea has an inbuilt 4 pips to all stoploss set so if your max stop loss u want is 30, u have to set it at 26. So if you set it at 30pips, the max stoploss it can go is 30pips4pipsspread.

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Holy grail indicator v1 6

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