History optional map book

History optional map book

  complete map material for history optional with explanations contact details for any query mobile no. 8210076034, 9718593510, 9717510106 email id selfstudyhistorygmail. Com complete map materials following is the complete material for map section of history optional and you do not have to refer to any other source for history optional map.

We take immense pleasure in introducing our new book on map based questions for history optional students. History is the mirror of past and an indicator for the future. Apart from the significance of the subject, history is crucial for civil services aspirants. There has been increasing interest among aspirants to opt for history optional in the main examination. The main reason behind this interest is the scoring ability in history.

Must buy for history optional (upsc) the only book available in the market with such a good segregation of sites. Map points are divided under the following headings hominid fossil sites, palaeolithic sites, mesolithic sites, neolithic sites, ivc sites, chalcolithic sites, megalithic sites, pgw sites, nbpw sites, buddhist sites, jain sites,.

History is a popular optional subject in civil services mains examination and allied civil services. History optional includes a compulsory question of 50 marks on map entries in paper-i. However, to locate and remember the entries is a challenging task in itself and the cumbersome process of preparing notes for them adds to the woes of a civil services aspirant.

Raus ias history optional(blue books) study material it has 8 booklets paper i & ii included maps of important historical places an analysis of previous years.

Ias gs -1 mains gs score coaching -map marking (history optional) printed material english medium.

You can start practicing the map applying the grid-iron technique. You should locate the important places first,and taking it as reference point you can locate rest of the places. Its important to command the location of rivers,for reference point.

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History optional map book

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