Google authenticator emergency codes

Google authenticator emergency codes

Comsecurity go to 2- step verification turn on 2 -step verification, select text message or voice call and follow the on-screen instructions,select text message for mobile number,select voice call for landline number.

  here is a patch allowing you to specify the number of emergency codes (max 10) you want to generate.

Google-authenticator codes not working while emergency scratch codes do it right.

Installing google-authenticator on a debian behind another debian firewall in a very restricted configuration on connectivity (netinvm, a virtual machine constellation inside a vm) installation goes ok synchronisation with phone app ok ssh connection ask for codes ok but phone generated codes do not work tried with emergency scratch codes, it goes ok.

I use google authenticator on my ssh servers with andoid app for generating codes.

  press y and you will get a qr code, secret key, verification code, and emergency backup codes. You can either scan the qr code or add the secret key to add a new entry. Once you have done that, note the backup codes and keep them safe somewhere.

So i could simply login with a sudoers (administrative user). Here are the steps ive taken first i had to log in into the diskstation via ssh shell.

You need backup codes to an account not to authenticator itself. Authenticator has one entry for each 2fa-enabled account of yourself - without needing an account for its own use.

From thomashabets on october 10, 2014 86 original issue 248 created by timtimpollock. 000z what steps will reproduce the problem? Wish to generate new emergency codes for times when i dont have authenticat.

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Google authenticator emergency codes

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Google authenticator emergency codes
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