Gbp jpy trading strategy

Gbp jpy trading strategy

The pound (gbp) to yen (jpy) currency pair nicknamed the geppy is one of the most widely traded cross-currency pairs. The term cross-currency pair refers to the fact that the currencies are traded directly and not exchanged indirectly through us dollars. In the gbpjpy pair the pound is considered the base currency and the yen the quote currency.

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For example, if you are trading the gbpjpy, in effect you are trading a derivative of the gbpusd and usdjpy pairs. This means that to a certain degree, gbpjpy has to be related to either or both of the other currency pairs. The problem is, pairs can move with each other, but also in the opposite direction.

The gbpjpy pair is popular for the same reason that its dangerous it moves with extreme volatility. Its exciting and has the potential for big scores as well as devastating losses. Tight stops and poor risk management can deplete your account in a matter of days rather than weeks with this pair.

  gbp jpy is the currency pair symbol for how the british pound moves against the japanese yen. The first currency in the pairing is known as the base currency and the second currency in the pairing is known as the term, or counter currency.

Below are the key parameters for gbpjpy potential long setup for trading session on .

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Gbp jpy trading strategy

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