Gawminer fury setup

Gawminer fury setup

  slideshow showing how to setup a gaw miners fury scrypt asic miner.

  furyblizzard 1,3 mhs setup guide fury of gaw is same as blizzard of zeusminer, just whitelabel. Yet dont seek for information about installation on either of this sites. Gaw doesnt have it they dont host such stuff in the shop but on their forum and zeus has one but.

  hi allin this video i show you everything you need to know, on how to set-up the fury or zeus asic scrypt miner from gawminer the easy way, and what to expec.

Edit links are fixed! Welcome! In this short guide ill show you how to get up and running with your fury or blizzard in just a few minutes. I recommend windows 7 or windows 8 for the following instructions (i will be using windows 7).

So im attempting to jump on the scrypt based asic coin mining bandwagon. It came with a free zenminer, which is a raspberry pi with a custom image that runs mining software automatically, and connects to a 3rd party website to allow remote control and monitoring. Gawminer fury and zenminer it came with everything needed to power up and get started.

Thought id make a how to setup tutorial, because i couldnt find a good one.

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Gawminer fury setup

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