Fresh patch vs doggielawn reddit

Fresh patch vs doggielawn reddit

Ran into a dog owner last night as i was trying to get my pup to go 2 and she told me she housebroke her golden using fresh patch.

Doggielawn vs fresh patch i have found two types of high-quality real grass potty pads currently, which are, doggielawn and fresh patch. Both of these are a solid alternative to having an area in your apartment which your dog can use as a toilet.

Ive used sod before but it was a muddy mess and the grass was way crappier. Glad i tried it just to reassure myself hydroponic is well worth the cost, though, haha. Fresh patch is hydroponic and has always arrived nice and green and healthy.

Ive found two types which ive had a good look at, both of which are real grass. These are sold as solutions to having an area in your apartment for your dog to use as a toilet.

Doggielawn is similar to fresh patch in that it comes in various sizes and consists of real grass to help neutralize odors.

Try fresh patch if you live in a condo or apartment without a backyard work long or unpredictable hours wish to avoid carpet, floor and furniture mistakes have limited mobility are potty training new dogs or puppies have an older or injured dog wish to avoid taking your pet out late at night, in the rain, or in the snow are fed up with cleaning artificial grass and pee pads.

The fresh patch grass pad was firstly introduced on abcs hit television show, shark tank, which features a number of potential genius inventions its a real living grass that grows on a hydroponic mat without soil.

  doggielawn is a company that sells patches of real grass (based on your specifications) and comes with disposable gloves, poop bags, and a training guide for new subscribers. This little patch of grass can be a life-saver, especially if you have a large dog who has just had surgery.

  artificial grass is grass that can be maintained without the use of fertilizers, pesticides, water and have no need to be mowed. The best rated artificial grass for dogs in 2021 are easy to clean and very appealing to the eyes. They act as extra decorations for the house along the garden, swimming pool area, and balcony and even within.

Fresh patch vs doggielawn - whats the best indoor dog potty? Officiallypets is reader-supported. Please assume that links to amazon are affiliate links and we make a small commission that helps us pay for the running of the site.

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Fresh patch vs doggielawn reddit

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