Forex trading ponzi scheme

Forex trading ponzi scheme

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The rise in forex ponzi schemes has been remarkable over the last two years. Culprits are misuing fx trading as a front, promising returns of over 10. , pleaded guilty today to mail fraud in connection with his operation of a 30 million investment fraud scheme, announced assistant attorney general.

The commodity futures trading commission filed charges against 10 defendants in a multi-level 4. The cftc charged based in florida avinash singh with soliciting and misappropriating funds through a master commodity pool highrise advantage, llc.

A ponzi scheme is a company that will offer you huge returns for little investment. You may get one payout to keep you sweet but you will never get all your money back you invest. Some ponzi schemes are actually very good and some people make alot of money off them, but they always go bust in the end.

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Discover which brokers to trust & which to avoid with our up to date reviews & advice.

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Forex trading ponzi scheme

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Forex trading ponzi scheme
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