Fixing strategy testers in mt4

Fixing strategy testers in mt4

Once you are ready to use autotrading you can enable this option in the top toolbar of your mt4. Look for a button which reads autotrading (in earlier mt4 versions this button was called expert advisors).

  if the data are different in the strategy tester, for any reason, the code should be able to manage it.

  our expert advisors have a special order labeling mechanism built in. It is activated when you run ea in the strategy tester of your mt4 and it will create label numbers for each order that is placed during a backtest. This helps to track your trades easily as you will see the order numbers above each trade on the chart.

Data with 99 quality i only saw in mt4 that use paid software like tickstory and tick data suite. By the way, on mt5, for more recent data (which i tested) i know it downloads in good quality.

Lets talk in more detail about what can be done with the price charts in the mt4 terminal. This is necessary for the correct analysis of the situation and the vision of a complete picture of the market.

  this is useful for fixing bad data from your broker, which can happen once in awhile. Fixing the data manually will clean up your charts and make your automated backtesting more accurate. You can also click on the import button to upload your own data or the export button will allow you to get a forex historical data download in a csv file that you can use in another charting program.

Checks if expert advisor runs in the strategy tester optimization mode. Returns true, if an mql4 program has been commanded to stop its operation. Calculation of standard deviation indicator on data, stored in a numeric array.

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Fixing strategy testers in mt4

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