Finra fines wells fargo

Finra fines wells fargo

  washington the financial industry regulatory authority (finra) announced today that it has fined wells fargo investments, llc, 2 million for unsuitable sales of reverse convertible securities through one broker to 21 customers, and for failing to provide sales charge discounts on unit investment trust (uit) transactions to eligible customers.

The financial industry regulatory authority ( finra) has slapped wells fargo clearing services, llc with a fresh fine of 75,000 for inconsistencies in data reporting.

  the regulator fined wells fargos securities and prime brokerage businesses 4 million, and the banks brokerage and independent wealth management businesses 1.

  firms failed to subject over 200,000 new accounts to identity verification washington the financial industry regulatory authority (finra) today announced that it has ordered two st. Louis-based broker-dealers under common control, wells fargo advisors (wfa) and wells fargo advisors financial network (wfafn), to pay a joint fine of 1.

  wells terminated chen in november 2008, according to finra. Finras 2 million fine against wells fargo investments on thursday also resolves charges that the firm did not give eligible.

  washington the financial industry regulatory authority (finra) announced today that it has fined wells fargo advisors, llc of st. Louis, 1 million for its failure to deliver prospectuses in a timely manner to customers who purchased mutual funds in 2009, and for delays in reporting material information about its current and former.

  finra fines wells fargo 2 million for unsuitable sales of reverse convertibles to elderly customers and failure to provide breakpoints on uit sales.

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Finra fines wells fargo

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