Ffxiv artisan's spectacles

Ffxiv artisan's spectacles

  are the artisans spectacles only better than the old class head (max melded) by 3 control? Artisans spectacles 3 cp, 4 craftsmanship, 39 control.

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Out of 527 pairs of artisan spectacles desynthed fieldcraft iii - 123 (23. 8) rose gold nugget - 269 (51) i actually desynthed more than that, but i didnt start recording till after getting desynth level to 100.

  ch20 artisan crafting tools artisans spectacles ch21 desynthesis & desynthesis recipes ch22 supra crafting tools ch23 lucis crafting tools ch24 master recipe books ii ch25 artisans offhands & artisans gear ch26 ehcatl sealants ch27 hintstips for all end-game crafted items from 1 star to 4 star.

You must make a total of 50 hq of this item to obtain your artisans tool for that craft. Since you cant even trade these, you cant eve commision your more geared friend to do it for you. You also can pick up a pair of artisans spectacles for 10 hq of this item.

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Ffxiv artisan's spectacles

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