Csgo quit smoking

Csgo quit smoking

What this does is smoke refers to the smoke grenades that people use in the game. They can be very annoying and sometimes lower your frames per second, which is bad for gameplay.

  the boys talk about our good friend bryanwithswaggersouls httpswww.

If you type quit smoking in console you get kicked out of csgo globaloffensive.

Played some competitive last night, and i could not stop lagging! But i sure did have fun with it! Also note to guy who tricked me with quit smoking, congrat.

First match was on inferno a close one we made a comeback from 14-10 to 14-14, suddenly the guy on the opposite team started taking perfect shots from smoke, it was one round so we thought he would have been lucky and in the last round same thing happened again he was using his teammates smokes and shooting on very thin angles.

  alias jumpthrow jump-attack alias -jumpthrow -jumpbind mouse4 jumpthrow use this one instead as this dude who made this guide dosent know how to make a proper one.

  console commands from the videobind f3 buy flashbang buy smokegrenade buy hegrenade buy flashbangstatuscallvote kick x xbind p jointeam 1bind r r.

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Csgo quit smoking

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