Cryptonight heavy profitability

Cryptonight heavy profitability

Calculate havenprotocol (xhv) mining profitability in realtime based on hashrate, power consumption and electricity cost.

  calculate loki (loki) mining profitability in realtime based on hashrate, power consumption.

  performance on cpus is way lower than old cryptonight, because with the larger scratchpad you can only use half as many threads. On the knls (7210, 7220 etc) performance is way better still about 20 slower than old cryptonight, but thats still quite tolerable.

The most advanced cryptonote cryptonight mining calculator and research platform.

Algorithm cryptonight-heavy (anti-asics) block time 4 min max supply 336000000 difficulty retarget every block start mining november 02, 2017 based on karbowanec p2p port 8313 rpc port 8314. Whats niobio cash? Niobio cash is a brazilian crypto-currency created in 2017, with the goal of being a fast, safe and efficient payment method.

With our crypto profitability calculator youll easily calculate profit with cards you own.

  just wanted to share my current nvidia settings for cnh (cryptonight heavy) and what i am seeing on my evga nvidia video cards. For both stock and overclocked and with some xmr-stak changes. My nvidia mining rig currently is running a evga gtx 1070ti, evga 1070, evga 1060 ssc and two evga 750tis.

  the latest release of this miner supports cryptonight v3, v7 and v8. That is you can use this miner to mine monero, electroneum, stellite, graft, ipbc or any coins that uses v3, v7 and v8. However it still lacks support for cryptonight heavy and cryptonight light algorithm so this cant be used to mine coins such as sumo, aeon etc.

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Cryptonight heavy profitability

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Cryptonight heavy profitability

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