Commsec pocket review

Commsec pocket review

With pocket, investing looks and feels a lot like setting up a direct deposit to a savings account. However, each fortnight, i collect a trade confirmation letter from the mailbox reminding me im buying shares, not depositing funds into a bank account.

Commsec pocket review commsec pocket is a micro investing platform that gives investors easy and relatively cheap access to seven different exchange traded funds. With a minimum trade of 50 and 2 brokerage (up to 1000, and then.).

Commsec has come with a new app called the commsec pocket, in july 2019. Press has been calling it as innovation targeted at millennials and also at people who are earning less but would like to get into investing. I have seen lots of praises on the internet about the commsec pocket and its capabilities to enhance your ability to grow wealth.

It offers new investors an easy way to start saving and getting involved in the share market.

  commsec pocket shares made easy, a review 6 december 2019 18 december 2020 cash hippy 0 comments barefoot investor, financial independence, financial literacy, index funds, shares. Commsec pocket is an app for buying shares on the stock market. Its an online broker designed to make investing easy and was created by the commonwealth bank.

  commsec pocket, the new investing app launched in australia by commonwealth bank is all the buzz.

Comaussiemoneymanin this video we do a full review of the commsec pocket app looking at its fees, structure, feat.

Today we do an explanation and review of the commsec pocket app! Finally one of the big.

Commsec pocket is all about exceptionally cheap brokerage coupled with wafer thin minimum trades so its easy to invest with the barest of capital. If youre happy to invest largely in share-based funds, commsec pocket is a low cost way to get started in the sharemarket.

This video talks about the commsec pocket app including its brokerage fees, the 7 investment options, comparing it to other investment apps like raiz invest and how it is.

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Commsec pocket review

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