Coinbase flare drop

Coinbase flare drop

  coinbase plans to support flare networks upcoming spark airdrop. If you are an eligible customer holding an xrp balance on coinbase or coinbase pro on the snapshot date and time of december 12, 2020, 0000 am utc, youll receive spark tokens from coinbase at a later date after the flare network launch.

Coinbase wallet users will instead have two options you can use your 12 word recovery phrase on another wallet that does support the spark airdrop. This method is less secure but youll be able to can claim for the full amount. Com, but wallets outside of coinbase may require a minimum balance of 20 xrp.

  xrp holders will still be eligible for their flare networks airdrop of spark tokens (flr) coinbase suspending rather than delisting hints the exchange will wait out the lawsuit a few hours ago, the crypto exchange of coinbase announced that it would suspend xrp trading on the platform due to the recent lawsuit by the sec against ripple.

  coinbase will support flare networks upcoming spark airdrop. If you are an eligible customer holding an xrp balance on coinbase or coinbase pro on the snapshot date and time of december 12, 2020, 0000 am utc, youll receive spark tokens from coinbase at a later date after the flare network launch.

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Flare network wanted all bigger crypto exchanges to support the airdrop but they said that coinbase didnt engage with flare network at all. Flare tweeted a warning to coinbase users that they will likely miss out on the airdrop given the little time left for the exchange to prepare for it.

Flare coinbase drop discussion anybody supposed to know when the flare drops on coinbase heard somethings like 2 years down the road but knew that didnt seem right.

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Coinbase flare drop

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Coinbase flare drop

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