Canadian day trading reddit

Canadian day trading reddit

  are there any canadian brokers that have an api that allows placing and canceling orders in canada? Share stock tickers, analysis, information and news release likely to move a stock for day trading swing trading.

After posting on here, a bunch of people basically told me its time to go back to the drawing board.

I dont know if buying a lot of etfs count as day trading but on the first day i bought 5 different etfs. Then today i bought another etf and sold an etf that i held since first day (about a week, stupid mistake) but that is all of my activity.

I dont consider myself typical, because i do make quite a bit compared to the canadian average, but i want to show what can happen with slow and steady. I had actually deleted the reddit app off my phone recently, because i was spending too much time on it, and i was a little.

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Canadian day trading reddit

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