Can us use binance

Can us use binance

  us residents still using binance for trading received a surprise this week.

As mentioned above, binance is banned in the us from buying, selling and depositing on their exchange after a change in their policy. Although, if you use a vpn, you can access binance in the us in 2021 as you normally did.

Currently residents of 13 us states will be unable to use the us version of binance. However the ceo says this is only the situation at launch, and theyre working on obtaining the licenses needed to open to users in these states. Second - if you own any of the coins in question, binance usa obviously wont be listing them either.

  but if i didnt have the benefit of my own research over years, i wouldnt have known this, either. You can live in the united states and use binance without kycing. You absolutely, 100 do not need to kyc when using binance in the us.

Binance us allows fiat deposits unlike what the main binance platform offered at the time. Later on, binance added fiat gateways to their main platform as well.

Buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency on the go with the new binance.

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Can us use binance

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