Blockchain association of ireland

Blockchain association of ireland

The blockchain association of ireland facilitates irish business leaders, educators, policy-makers and citizens in learning how blockchain technology can be applied to make ireland the worlds most blockchain literate nation.

The blockchain association of ireland facilitates irish business leaders, educators, policy-makers and citizens in learning how blockchain technology can be applied to make ireland the worlds most blockchain literate nation. Bitcoins blockchain, and other distributed ledger technologies, are an imminent revolution.

We just thought wed make a note to let people know that a group of people from the local scene have established the blockchain ireland association in the past month. Not much information is available now, but is is distinct to the irish bitcoin foundation which has been quiet for some time now, having taken down their website last year.

Blockchain association of ireland are a non-profit member-led organisation serving corporates, academics, and professionals to increase literacy and awareness of blockchain technology in ireland. We organise events, working-groups and networking opportunities. Our overall aim is to raise literacy around blockchain in ireland.

The blockchain association of ireland will host a half-day conference on march 21st at the irish computer society, dublin 4. This event will look at the impact and potential for blockchain technologies to change the way we do business and develop it systems.

The blockchain association of ireland (bai) is joining the irish computer societys network of support member bodies.

The blockchain association of ireland (bai) is going from strength to strength with 2017 being something of a coming of age year for the technology. What began from humble beginnings in a small research group called coding value at university college dublin, today the association has a significant membership composed of a number of heavy hitters in the tech space.

The blockchain association of ireland has been formed in order to establish ireland as a global hub for innovation in the areas of digital-currency, smart-contracts, fintech, insurtech, regtech and other non-commercial applications of blockchain.

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Blockchain association of ireland

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