Bitcoin computer landfill

Bitcoin computer landfill

  bitcoins are essentially computer files that are stored in a digital wallet on your device. They can then be used as payment, with every transaction being recorded in a public list known as.

  a man who threw away a laptop hard drive containing bitcoin he believes is now worth about 210m wants his council to let him search for it in landfill.

  james howells, 35, says the hard drive of his old laptop contains bitcoins worth about 200m but is languishing in a landfill site in newport, south wales.

  james howells, an it engineer, mistakenly threw away the hard drive of an old computer containing 7,500 bitcoins. The coins, worth almost 300 million at the current price, is now in a landfill.

  london a british man who accidentally threw out a hard drive with a trove of bitcoin on it is once again urging local city officials to let him search for it in a landfill site.

Man who binned hard drive storing 200m in bitcoin offers local council 25 per cent to search landfill site tom embury-dennis tomemburyd friday 1346.

  a computer engineer is offering newport council millions to help find a hard-drive with 230 million of bitcoin on after he accidentally threw it out.

Computer engineer says his 230m bitcoin fortune is sitting at bottom of landfill site after he threw away hard drive by mistake - now he is offering council 55m if they can dig it up.

  howells threw the hard disk away in 2013, having believed that he had transferred the bitcoin wallet to a new computer.

  a newport man has been searching a landfill site in south wales hoping to find a computer hard drive he threw away which is now worth over 4m.

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Bitcoin computer landfill

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