Betika withdrawal charges

Betika withdrawal charges

The withdrawal charges from betika depend on the amount of money wishes to withdraw from the account. If one withdraws ksh 50 to ksh 2,499,the company charges ksh 15. If the amount exceeds ksh 2,500 the withdrawal charges are ksh 33.

  there are 3 main ways to withdraw your fundswinnings from betika. You should note that minimum daily withdrawal is ksh 50 and maximum daily withdrawal is ksh 70,000.

  once youve won money on betika,you can withdraw through mpesa. Once you are logged in, click on withdraw, enter amount and click on withdraw now.

Once you are logged in, click on withdraw, enter amount and click on withdraw now. Kindly note you are not able to withdraw your bonus apart from the jackpot bonus.

  you can also withdraw money from betika through sms,by simply sending this message (withdrawamount to 29090) withdrawal charges are as follows kshs.

  how to withdraw from betika just send an sms with the words withdrawamount to betika short-code 290290. Alternatively one can withdraw online on the betika website, or by dialing 644. The minimum amount you can withdraw is ksh 50 while the maximum per day is ksh 300,000.

Betika is another popular site in kenya, the bookie has a simple to use website. There are also various betting options including victuals, live betting and sports betting. Withdrawal charges for ksh 50 to ksh 1,000 are 15 bob, ksh 1,001 to ksh 2,500 are 25 bob and ksh 2,501 to ksh 70,000 are 33 bob.

It says withdrawal charges are as follows 50 1,000 (15kes ) 1,001 2,500 (25kes) 2,501 70,000 (33kes).

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Betika withdrawal charges

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Betika withdrawal charges

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