Best titan subclass destiny 2

Best titan subclass destiny 2

  titans have no greater subclass in pvp, and behemoth is an excellent choice for gambit and most pve content. For how well-rounded it is, behemoth deserves the top spot as the best subclass for titans in destiny 2.

  code of the aggressor is the most offensive sentinel subclass by far, providing next to no support for your allies beyond guarding in your super and disorienting enemies. Your melee, shield bash is another shoulder charge ability, that will both confuse and suppress your enemies, preventing them from using abilities.

Hopefully, these choices will help you decide on which subclass to use.

I still need to unlock the mid trees, but for now i am between sentinel code of the protector and raider code of the hulk cus both reload your health bar,maybe sentinel code of the protector is a bit better in my opinion for a more team skills.

  the solar titan released in destiny the taken king returns in destiny 2 once again as a heavy damage dealer. The explosive grenades, melee attacks, and hammer of sol super ability keep any sunbreakers battlefield ablaze in solar light. If youre looking for raw damage, the sunbreaker is one of the best destiny 2 titan subclasses for you.

  in this article, ill be going over a quick summary of the best ten titan pve builds in destiny 2 right now, before beyond light drops. These builds will include a mix of subclasses, exotic armor and weapons, legendary weapons, and seasonal mods as well.

Hello guardians, i have come back to destiny 2 after i have stopped playing since the start of coo.

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Best titan subclass destiny 2

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