Best career options after 12th commerce in india

Best career options after 12th commerce in india

There are numerous career opportunities for candidates who choose commerce after class 12 th. Most of the jobs are in accounting, commerce, banking and finance domains. Below listed are a few job profiles and career opportunities after 12 th commerce.

  now that the cbse 12th results are out, you can assess your chances of.

Integrated corporate law one needs to take up integrated law with bachelors of commerce or arts. This professional career can be taken up directly after class 12 after appearing for an entrance exam called clat (common law admission test) 7. Bachelors of economics bachelor of economics can be pursued after 12th.

If a student is interested in subjects like accounting, taxation, auditing, pursuing a bachelor of commerce is the answer, it is one of the best courses after 12th commerce for girls without maths. Com is a degree program of 3 years, where students can either pursue b.

  cs is undoubtedly a highly promising course after 12th commerce with high salary. The institute of company secretaries of india (icsi) offers complete training to aspirants who want to pursue cs.

Com is one of the best commerce courses available and one of the popular courses after 12th commerce. Com does not have a high difficulty level in the course structure, and students seeking this can easily practice and pursue other courses to gain specialization in different fields.

It is safe to say that commerce courses are excellent foundation programs. After completing a commerce based course, one may go on and pursue rewarding pg programs such as mba, law, pg diploma courses etc. Commerce stream students have loads of professional courses to choose from.

  which field is best after 12th commerce? Some of the most popular courses after class 12th commerce that are highly valued are bachelors in economics, bachelors of business administration, bachelor of management science, company secretaryship amongst others.

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Best career options after 12th commerce in india

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Best career options after 12th commerce in india

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