Axis bank neo credit card cash withdrawal charges

Axis bank neo credit card cash withdrawal charges

The fees and charges for neo credit card include joining fees, annual fees, cash payment fees, withdrawal fees and certain penalties (if any) amongst others.

You will also have to pay the axis bank credit card cash advance fee to withdraw the desired amount of cash from your credit card.

So, you need to prioritize your spends and save enough for a timely repayment of the dues. Going this way would let you shop and enjoy your association with neo credit card for long. Often the query of cash withdrawal limit gets raised by axis bank neo credit cardholders on online platforms.

Fees and charges find details on various fees and charges for my zone credit card.

100 overdue penalty or late payment fee nil if total payment due is up to rs.

Maximum 30 transactions allowed in a month (financial on axis atm & financial non-financial on other bank atms),there after fees of flat rs.

  you can use the credit card to withdraw cash from an atm, provided you have the pin number that the bank must have sent you. You must know that there is a cash withdrawal charge from your bank and also from the bank whose atm you used.

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Axis bank neo credit card cash withdrawal charges

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Axis bank neo credit card cash withdrawal charges

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