At&t for travellers

At&t for travellers

At&t offers talk, text, and data service on more than 250 major cruise ships. Discount packages are available for customers taking cruises on select ships.

Keep in mind, chat isnt available for at&t prepaid (formerly gophone).

At&t usadirect is ideal for frequent international travelers who want to save money on calls back to the u. Just sign up, and then use an at&t usadirect access number to connect to the at&t u.

With at&t passport sm, you get our best-ever value for international travel with unlimited messaging and calling, and data at affordable ratesall in one simple package.

There are two unlimited plans, only the 85 plan includes hotspot but hotspot usage is limited to 10gb. No prepaid plan includes calls to the netherlands but you can purchase an international call add on.

At&t on both the unlimited & more and the unlimited & more premium plans on at&t , you will be able to travel to mexico and canada with all of your talk, data, and text already paid for. Their mobile share plus plans allow you to use your talk, text, and data when you are in mexico.

  our investment has enabled at&t to have the fastest nationwide 5g network 1 and with 5g coverage coming to participating u. S airports, at&t will deliver greater connectivity for travelers in the u. And help provide a more enjoyable, seamless travel experience.

Comtraveler for available countries and country codes before you leave the u.

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At&t offers a 3o-day plan dubbed at&t passport that includes unlimited text, 2 gb of international data, and access to international calling for 0. Note that you can use in all of at&ts supported countries, so youre not restricted to a single country.

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At&t for travellers

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