At&t cruise talk text & data

At&t cruise talk text & data

These rates apply on non-participating cruise ships, when you dont have a package, or if your plan expires.

You can choose from cruise options on over 150 select cruise ships. Decide if you also want at&t international day pass or at&t passport for talk, text, and data use in select countries while youre on land.

At&t cruise talk & text customers your package doesnt include data on the ship. Turn o data roaming in your device settings to avoid cellular data roaming pay-per-use charges.

Depending on the cruise line, you may have to buy a data package, other lines provide it free. So to answer your question, no, the cruise talktext package will not enable you to receive email. Otoh, you do not need talk and text to use a data (wifi) package and read email.

Data is only included in the at&t cruise talk, text & data package. With the at&t cruise talk & text package, pay-per-use data rates apply. If your domestic plan includes stream saver, or reduces video streaming speed, the same will apply to your cruise package.

  the purpose of at&ts cruise ship package is to use your phone on the ships cellular tower much like you do at home. The monthly fee covers a bucket of minutes for talking but does not include data.

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At&t cruise talk text & data

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