Assistant teacher salary in uttar pradesh

Assistant teacher salary in uttar pradesh

Up assistant teacher salary 69000 vacancies of super tet 2020 i. Up assistant teacher had been released by uttar pradesh basic education board (upbeb) for up secondary schools in 2018. Up basic education board had released the result for up assistant teachers in which 1.

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Up assistant primary teacher salary up assistant primary teacher is those who can teach up to 5th class. Up assistant primary teacher can different on the basis of place of posting.

In uttar pradesh, the pay scale provided to an assistant teacher during their training period is rs 7300 which will be increased to the pay scale for a permanent teacher after they complete their training period. Growth of uptet teacher every job profile consists of progression after some months or years, according to the their job profile.

Basic 20k to 30k, gross salary 2x of basic salary including allowances examination regulatory authority, uttar pradesh gives best (in the market) salary for their junior assistant teacher jobs.

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Assistant teacher salary in uttar pradesh

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Assistant teacher salary in uttar pradesh

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