Arima trading strategy

Arima trading strategy

This paper presents an original option trading strategy based on the well-known auto regressive integrated moving average (arima) econometric model. Arima (1, 1, 1) is benchmarked to the generalized auto regressive conditional heteroscedastic (garch) (1, 1) model.

A step-by-step implementation of a trading strategy in python using arima garch models.

Arima (p, d, q), process that ts historical data to generate non stationary series that are integrated of order d. A non-stationary integrated of order d process is transformed into stationary process by takingddifferences.

An arma model (note no i) is a linear combination of an autoregressive (ar) model and moving average (ma) model. An ar model is one whose predictors are the previous values of the series. An ma model is structurally similar to an ar model, except the predictors are the noise terms.

Firstly a best model is fitted to the observed time series data set relating to closing prices of a single stock using auto-regressive integrated moving averages (arima) and artificial neural.

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Arima trading strategy

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Arima trading strategy

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