Amislamic funds management

Amislamic funds management

200801029135 (830464-t) was established on to be a dedicated islamic investment solutions provider, which offers a comprehensive and innovative range of shariah-compliant funds and provides investment management services on all shariah-compliant assets.

Amislamic funds management sdn bhd (malaysia) amislamic funds management sdn bhd is based in malaysia, with the head office in kuala lumpur. The company operates in the funds, trusts, and other financial vehicles industry.

Amislamic funds management (aifm) is the investment manager of malaysias new global sukuk fund amdynamic sukuk1 (the fund). This shariah-compliant fund is denominated in ringgit malaysia and aims to provide capital appreciation by investing primarily in sukuk both locally and globally.

Amislamic funds management manages new usd-denominated global sukuk fund amglobal sukuk amislamic funds management (aifm) is the investment manager for the newly launched usd-denominated global sukuk fund amglobal sukuk1 (the fund).

Malaysia bank negara malaysia sells two islamic liquidity management papers turkey albaraka turk katilim bankasi issues try325 million (us40.).

Is a company registered with suruhanjaya syarikat malaysia and and is issued with the registration number 830464-t for its business operation.

  amislamic growth is an open-end unit trust established in malaysia.

198601005272 (154432-a) was incorporated in malaysia on is a wholly owned subsidiary of aminvestment bank berhad. Afm has over decades of experience in the unit trust industry.

Amislamic income is a closed-end wholesale fund established in malaysia. The fund invests a minimum of 95 of its assets in sukuk and a minimum of 1 in.

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Amislamic funds management

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