Amiko a4 android 4k receiver

Amiko a4 android 4k receiver

Dlna easy playback over local network 4k 2160p output via hdmi2. 0 ethernet connection & built in wireless-n wifi high quality digital surround sound via spdif & hdmi low power consumption in stand-by mode.

The amiko a4 s2 satellite receiver is a very versatile partner for ultra hd tv thanks to 4k 2160p output and numerous features. You get a dvb-s2 satellite receiver, as well as a media player from your own resources (usb, dlna, kodi player) and internet sources.

  4k digital satellite & t2 terrestrial cable receiver & media player powered by androidcompact designone s2 satellite & one t2 terrestrial cable hybrid tu.

  amiko a4 4k combo android receiver this combo android receiver has been on the market since late january this year. Summary of features compact design - measures 140mm x 100mm x 31mm and weighs only 0.

Amiko a4 satellite 4k is one of the most anticipated new products in 2017 at a fairly low price! This is a brand new satellite ultra hd receiver operating on a powerful 4-core 64-bit amlogic s905 processor (cortex a53 2. The company to it was made by the graphic 8th nuclear accelerator mali 450mp, 1gb of ram and 8gb of internal memory.).

Amiko a5 combo 4k is a new combined receiver of 2018, the successor of the amiko a4 combo satellite t2 c line. The novelty has received a new powerful processor, the user has a choice of the android or enigma2 operating system. In addition to the existing functions of watching satellite tv, you can view on-air dvb-t2 and dvb-c cable tv.

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Amiko a4 android 4k receiver

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Amiko a4 android 4k receiver

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