Altcointrader withdrawal times

Altcointrader withdrawal times

Altcointrader process zar withdrawals 3 times per day the zar withdrawal process is scheduled for the following times monday to friday 0900, 13 there will be no zar withdrawals processed on a saturday, sunday, or a public holiday.

Za account with your username or email address and your password. On the withdrawal page, click on the withdrawal type drop-down field and select south african rand (zar). If you have not entered your banking details on your profile page as yet, press the.

Za account with your username or email address and your password. On the withdrawal page, click on the withdrawal type drop-down field and select the cryptocurrency type you would like to withdraw.

The global industry average btc-withdrawal fee the last time we at cryptowisser did a full-blown empirical study of it was approx.

  if you deposit directly bitcoin or another digital coin supported by altcointrader, it is free of charge, however withdrawals are not. The withdrawal fees indicated on altcoin traders website at the time of writing of the current review are, as follows 0.

  scam!withdrew money from altcointrader exchange about four weeks ago, but have not received it in my bank account. I withdrew money in december, a mail was sent to me to confirm that the transaction should be confirmed on the exchange. I havent heard from them ever since i confirmed the withdrawal.

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Altcointrader withdrawal times

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