Accidentally sent bitcoin to bitcoin cash

Accidentally sent bitcoin to bitcoin cash

Open edge, go to wallets, create a new bitcoin wallet (no segwit) and then go to your btc wallet.

In this instance you seem to have sent a bitcoin (btc) transaction to an address in your bitcoin cash (bch) wallet. Com wallet you will have both a bitcoin (btc) and a bitcoin cash (bch) wallet created by default.

Nickodell well, the problem isnt that someone would create a segwit transaction, but rather that someone accidentally sent bitcoin cash to a wrapped segwit address which looks indistinguishable from any other p2sh address to the sender.

However, i used the bitcoin cash (bch) wallet address for transfer of btc. As the bch blockchain supports btc also, transaction status is showing as confirmed and transferred btc has been added to bch blockchain.

Accidentally i sent bch to btc cryptopia wallet, do not despair, the solution is there and now i show you dear fans of cryptocurrencies,.

Back in september 2017, we launched support for bitcoin cash payments in our bitpay and copay wallets. Back then, bitcoin cash addresses and bitcoin addresses used the same format, so it was easy to confuse one kind for the other.

  crossing paths accidentally sending bitcoin cash to a bitcoin address vices motherboard put this issue in the spotlight last week when it published a report of reddit users discussing their mistake of sending bcc to a btc address and trying to get their coins back.

Since bch and btc have the same addressing, what really happened when you thought you sent to a bch wallet is that you actually sent to the btc wallet with the same address. If you have the private key to that wallet it should work to retrieve the bitcoin.

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Accidentally sent bitcoin to bitcoin cash

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Accidentally sent bitcoin to bitcoin cash

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