3d blockchain nexus

3d blockchain nexus

In simple terms, nexus is a cutting-edge open-source, advanced, and trusted digital ledger, designed to improve the world through advanced peer-to-peer networks and digital currency.

Nexus is a peer-to-peer network that improves on the speed, scalability, security, and accessibility of current blockchain protocols.

The underlying technology of nexus is comprised of a three dimensional blockchain (3d chain or 3dc) that utilizes a synergistic combination of three different consensus channels to secure the network.

Nexus is a p2p blockchain powered network that has enlarged scalability, speed, security, and accessibility. Nexus makes this happen by using a quantum-resistant 3d blockchain and integrating this with a satellite space.

  nexus - tritium, partnerships & launching 3d blockchain today we catch up with colin cantrell the founder of nexus.

Foleum, and nexus have come together to create worlds first three-dimensional blockchain which would need a three consensus channel to lock transactions in the blockchain. This would be named as nexus 3dc and will be one most the most secured blockchain to date created.

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3d blockchain nexus

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